No. 853 : : July 24, 2020

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Blog: Any Price Increase would be suicidal for Indian Wine Industry
June 22: Indian wine industry has suffered a serious jolt with practically no sales due to the overall ban on alcohol products in April followed by limited sales with generally higher taxes, putting the fragile industry on an even more precarious condition but the rumoured price increase at this point would be really suicidal, feels Subhash Arora

Star Interview: Jancis Robinson wishes Lower Wine Import Duties in India
July 16: India might not become a significant wine exporting nation for years, but is making reasonably good wines and has a huge potential in the domestic market but the government policies are terrible and the import taxes must come down for wine culture to be popular, said Jancis Robinson, MW in a rare one-hour chat on Instagram Live

Grange- Grand Wine King of Australia
July 24: Shiraz is the ubiquitous grape of Australia with four out of five producers growing it, but not many Aussie reds come close to Penfolds Grange, the Grand Wine King which commanded a record price of Rs. 54,00,000 in an auction last month, writes Subhash Arora featuring the wine for the inaugural Shiraz Day celebrated in Australia

CMB: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles opens Unique Wine Bar in Mexico City
July 18: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB)-the well-known international wine competition has taken on an innovative project of setting up a unique Wine Bar in Mexico City to be launched this month in the business center where only CMB Award-winning wines will be stocked, with almost half the wines from Mexico and the balance

Unique Art of Wine Labels by Valentino Monticello
July 22: Italian born wine appassionato Valentino Monticello, not only honed his wine skills to become Head Sommelier at the legendary Harry’s Bar in London, but was an awarded and much sought-out artist who designed several unique works based on wine labels till he died in 2014, writes Subhash Arora who shares the

Wine and Health: Working from Nine to Wine
July 20: Wine is a lifestyle drink that is good for health in many ways provided it is consumed in moderation and who can tell it better than Samantha Kaylee, our young, educated and well-to-do American guest writer who took her wine tastings a bit too far and was unwittingly ensnared by the tentacles of alcoholism but fortunately pulled herself

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