No. 757: : November 15, 2017

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Curtain Raiser: First Indian Wine Day to be celebrated at 6 Lalit Hotels on Nov 16
Nov 13: For the first time in Indian wine history, Indian Wine Day is being celebrated pan India on November 16, 2017 when premium and super premium Indian wines paired with ‘Baluchi’ cuisine at The LaLiT hotels in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Jaipur AND London will be served to select invitees, all on the same date and with a Menu with each dish paired with wine from one producer at a sit-down dinner followed by Desserts and unlimited

Dear KRSMA Wines Maturing Gracefully
Nov 14: KRSMA is perhaps the only Indian winery where the emphasis is on increasing age-ability and maturity of both red and white wines along with their approachability as seen once again when delWine organised an impromptu tasting and comparison of two vintages of two labels, with Mr. Krishna Prasad, the Hyderabad-based owner of KRSMA Estate, bringing Sauvignon Blanc (2013 and 2016) and Cabernet Sauvignon (2015 and 2012) for a

Passing By: Count Francesco Cinzano of Col d’Orcia
Nov 13: Count Francesco Marone Cinzano, the suave owner of Montalcino-based Col d’Orcia was in India recently to visit his customers when a Wine dinner was organised by his distributors Ace Beveragez, with a Vertical Tasting of the ‘Best in each of three Decades’ Brunello di Montalcino wines-2012, 2006 and 1997 as also the well-known Riserva Poggio Al Vento 2001 matched with Indian food in Tuscan Style at Hotel Roseate House Aerocity,

Kofuku-Serving Happiness at Delhi’s Ansal Plaza
Nov 14: The Delhi counterpart of Kofuku Mumbai specializing in Japanese and Korean dishes at lesser prices but with no lessening of quality is a new go-to restaurant for Delhi gourmets who can find here authentic food in a relaxed ambience with excellent service, writes our guest writer Aruna Chawla who feels the restaurant would draw bigger crowds if the shabby Ansal Plaza were improved and when the beverage list is pumped up. For a city that is

Australian Plonk beats high-end Shiraz in Wine Competition
Nov 15: Australian media has been abuzz with a $ 7 Shiraz from the supermarket Aldi , winning Gold medal at the Great Australian Shiraz Challenge 2017, especially because it scored higher than the Bird in Hand 2013 MAC Shiraz retailing for around $350 a bottle which scored lower and won a Silver medal, writes Subhash Arora who explains that it does not mean the Aldi is overall a higher quality wine and says it was brave of them to enter the competition

An HC Opp for AAP government to Lower Drinking Age
Nov 15: Strict checking of the legal age proof for consumers at bars, pubs, liquor vends and restaurants is a State responsibility which Delhi and the neighbouring Haryana have shirked; it’s a pity the proposed directive had to come from judiciary yesterday but this ought to give AAP government an opportunity to reflect and reconsider reducing the legal age of 25 to the more realistic 21 years followed by enforcing a rigorous policy of checking the IDs and

Delhi Wine Club

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