No. 724: : January 21, 2017

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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SulaFest 2017: Smooth and Seamless Show for Music Lovers
Feb 08: The 10th edition of SulaFest held over an extended period of 3 days on February 3-5 was an enjoyable affair for music lovers who seemed to be same or marginally less in number than the record number that attended last year, writes Subhash Arora who has been a frequent visitor and feels that the popular Fashion Week in Mumbai

Sula Buys Heritage Winery in Karnataka
Feb 06: The most interesting part of the 10th edition of SulaFest that concluded successfully yesterday after 3 days of focus on music, wine, food and fun-at least for those who look at wine beyond the liquid in the glass, was the news about the outright purchase of the Karnataka based Heritage Winery with Sula becoming the sole proprietor on

Nizami Wine Weekend Splurge at Taj Falaknuma Palace
Feb 07: After a very successful run for three years at the Taj Bengal ,once at Taj Krishna in Hyderabad followed by the International Vine and Food Experience (IVFE) in Delhi at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Delhi last March, Edgar Keith is ready to curate the mother of all such Taj events at the Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad on the weekend of

Study: Women one more Reason for Men to drink Wine
Jan 30: Wine is known to be beneficial for men’s heart, dementia, BP and has several other not-so-well-known benefits but a recent study in Italy presented last week indicates that 30% of women find men not drinking wine as not interesting with 25% even finding them boring, with34% of the women saying that a meal which doesn’t

Ga Ga Grigio Girls from Lady GaGa
Feb 09: The singing sensation Lady GaGa is apparently joining the fraternity of celebrities who get into the wine business when they suddenly catch the bug, with the Grigio Girls as the label named after a bonus track on her deluxe 2016 Album, Joanne, according to media reports which proclaim that her company has filed paperwork

Wine and Health: Drink Wine, not Water to avoid Food Poisoning
Feb 09: It is often believed that water is the main culprit for causing food poisoning while traveling to other countries or even different parts of India but several studies suggest that the bacteria causing food-borne diseases, can be inactivated by drinking some alcohol in lieu of water and a glass or two of wine are just what the doctor orders to

Delhi Wine Club

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