No. 706: : July 22, 2016

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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EU-India FTA: And the Beat Goes On
July 18: For the first time after UK decided to move out of EU, the Indian Commerce Ministry officials held a meeting last Friday with the Chief negotiators of the proposed FTA, after which it issued a Statement that the negotiations reflected the concerns of Indian industries and expressed willingness to address outstanding issues as a part of the negotiations but so far, it appears to be old wine in the new bottle. “The language of Indian negotiations reflected

Holy Jesus! No more Communion Wine in Bihar
July 21: In what might shock the Christian population in India and the world, The Bihar government has banned production or use of wine in the Communion as sacramental, claiming it interferes with the blanket ban on alcohol in the State with the government claiming that the use of Sacramental wine was not in conformity with the total prohibition policy of the State. Excise commissioner Aditya Kumar has reportedly told The Telegraph India that

Launch at Lunch- Four Seasons Vintner’s Reserve Select Barrels 2011
July 18: Four Seasons, the Village Roti-Baramati based, wine producing subsidiary of United Spirits Ltd. (USL), owned now by Diageo, made a Statement, of ‘Business Being as Usual’, by launching their super-premium label Vintner’s Reserve Barrel Select 2011, a Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz blend, at a Launch at Lunch event organised last Saturday at their palatial chateau where about 35 journalists and bloggers were invited for an experiential night

Visiting Greek Wineries: Lafazanis of Nemea
July 22: Lafazanis is an established winery in Nemea region in the heart of Peloponnese in Greece with its history going back 70 years; it uses mostly indigenous varieties but also international grapes for the blends depending upon the market, writes Subhash Arora who met the 3rd generation Athina Lafazanis in Barcelona at a Wine Tourism Conference and visited the winery during his trip to Greece a couple of months ago, tasted their wines and

Wine Tasting in the Sky- Swiss and Qantas
July 22: Australia-based international airline Qantas has initiated an interesting wine tasting programme for the Economy Class passengers in the air, christening it ‘Sommelier in the Sky,’ writes Subhash Arora who had organised an impromptu tasting for himself in the recent Swiss Business Class flight and believes it is an excellent idea and worth emulating even for the Indian airlines like Air India or Jet Airways on the long haul flights to give a

CRAV Vandals at Vinadeis in Languedoc- Roussillon in France
July 22: In India we may think of Languedoc-Roussillon region of France as a big wine lake due to high volumes of low cost wines but it is also being constantly overfilled with cheap Spanish wine that has infuriated the militant activists of the local winemakers and their organisation, Comité Régionale d’Action Viticole (CRAV) some members of which vandalised the winery of a co-operative producer and wine merchant Vinadeis, in Maureilhan near Béziers,

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