No. 775 : : May 11, 2018

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Blog : So you think you are Wine Expert from India
May 07: I have often said that there are no wine experts yet in India and that one lifetime is not enough to know everything about wine but it is heartening to know that Jancis Robinson MW who is moons ahead in terms of wine knowledge, tasting experience and expertise, is modest enough to air my views in public after over 40 years of full-time extensive wine tasting, writing books like Oxford Companion and lecturing globally about various aspects of wine, says Subhash Arora. With barely 20 years of experience in wine and that too very extensively, with around

Concours Mondial (CMB) 2018 begins 25th edition in China with Aplomb
May 11: The 25th edition of CMB2018, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles began yesterday in the Haidian District of Beijing with a record number of 330 judges from across the globe, to taste and create a total number of 9,180 wines and creating history by moving it away from Europe for the first time to Haidian District of Beijing in China, writes Subhash Arora who is attending for the 10th consecutive years, and is and is impressed with the precision and details gone into by the Belgium based Vinopres, China has made a major contribution to these results by

Jacobs Creek partner with MasterChef Australia as exclusive Wine
May 08: The Australian wine brand Jacobs Creek, the biggest selling foreign wine brand in India, has launched a new ad for the 10th edition of 2018 season of MasterChef, with Jacob's Creek as the show's first ever exclusive wine partner focusing on the Barossa Signature range as the "the wine that pairs perfectly with food”, writes Subhash Arora who feels it might not be aired in India unless they plan to import this higher quality product and if it is acceptable under current advertising laws. The 10th season of MasterChef Australia was launched last night with

Tuscan Tasting 2018: Poggiotondo Chianti Wines from Alberto Antonini are Super
May 06: Alberto Antonini who owns Poggiotondo winery in a small town in the Chianti region- Cerreto Guidi near Florence in Tuscany and 5 kms from Vinci where Leonardo Vinci was born, is a winemaker’s winemaker, producing excellent quality of Chianti and working as a consultant , was not there when I went to visit his winery a couple of months ago after the Tuscan Tastings but his wife Alessandra Renieri organised to pick me up from Grand Hotel Baglioni in Downtown Florence and show me the vineyards, writes Subhash Arora who finally managed to visit

Vinitaly 2018: Music and Wine Match by Grandi Cru d’Italia with La Scala
May 06: Comitato Grandi Cru d’Italia which awarded the Best Wine Website Award in 2011 organised an excellent Concert in Verona on April 16 on the occasion of the 52nd edition of Vinitaly, bringing the Instrumental Ensemble of Teatro alla Scala for a special performance at Teatro Nuovo, writes Subhash Arora who also visited Vinitaly this year and was invited to attend. For the first time on the occasion of Vinitaly, the senses of wine and music were paired in a marriage of culture and perfumes of wines when Comitato Grandi Cru d'Italia

TechTalk: Bordaeux Vintage 2017-Analysis and Structure (Part 1)
May 10: ‘Good to very good red wines, fine dry white wines and some great sweet white wines’, is the verdict of John Salvi MW, our Bordeaux-based wine expert , writer and international taster who specialises in the Study of its weather, and terroir, based on his in-depth analysis of all aspects of the Cost, Structure, Yields, Fruit, Alcohol, Tannins, Colour, Acidities. Maturity, Rot, Body and Noble Rots in the world’s most revered wine region, in Part-1 of the much awaited annual 2-part series. I repeat this every year at the risk of becoming boring, but I feel it

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