No. 782 : : July 18, 2018

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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DWC celebrates 70 years of Indo- Italian Relations with Ambassador Angeloni
July 16: Italians are celebrating 70- years of Indo- Italian co-operation through diplomatic channels with the Embassy organizing events and it was not surprising that the Reception of a ministerial delegation at the Residence of H.E. Lorenzo Angeloni on July 12 had a special wine tasting element arranged in conjunction with the Delhi Wine Club, writes President Subhash Arora who managed to get 21 labels ranging from Prosecco to Barolo for the invitees. Ask anyone who has met Ambassador H.E. Lorenzo Angeloni and one has glorious things to say about him.

MUST 2018: Visiting Madeira- Unique Portuguese Island and Wine
July 18: A group of Speakers and journalists attending MUST Fermenting Ideas 2018 were invited by TAP Airlines and Tourism Portugal after the 3-day Conference on June 20-22 to visit the Madeira wine producing island of Madeira and taste the local wines, adding further value to an excellent Conference, writes Subhash Arora who was fortunate to be one of the 22 that fitted in the Business Class and thoroughly enjoyed the sojourn. As one of the Speakers, Rui Falcao had talked about Madeira wines last year at the maiden edition of ‘MUST Influencing Ideas’ Conference

Keeping Wine Bottles horizontally nonsense, says Amorim R & D Chief
July 17: Miguel Cabral, Director of R&D for the biggest Portuguese cork company and one of world’s largest producers of cork closures- Amorim, says the belief that wine should be in contact with cork at all times for keeping it away from drying and therefore should be laid on the sides, is apparently nonsense, creating controversy among making many wine experts. Miguel Cabral is responsible for the Research & Development Department at Amorim and is also a Professor in the Laboratory of Microbiology in the Pharmacy Faculty in Universidade do Porto.He had

Wine Goes better with Indian Food than Beer, say New York Restaurateurs
July 19: The debate about matching wines or beer with spicy Indian food and thus making beer a better alternative, has been taken forward by New York’s restaurateurs who have discovered wine to be the better beverage served with spicy Indian food than the conventional beer. Not many readers of delWine might remember the coke commercial that ran from 1965-1969 in the USA and the rest of cola- guzzling world, mainly to counter its rival a competitor in the same Genre-Pepsi. A similar jingle for spicy Indian food with wine or beer could be something like: Spicy

VDP takes German Sparkling Wine under its Wings
July 17: Verband Deutscher Qualitäts-und Prädikatsweingüter (VDP), world's oldest and the only national association having as members 195 premium German wine estates, has established a Sekt (sparkling wine) classification based on the VDP Origin Pyramid in order to seek highest recognition or the German Sekt, at their General Assembly held recently in the village of Oberwesel in Mittelrhein. Founded in 1910 and committed to highest wine quality, VDP is now seeking to achieve higher recognition of German Sekt (sparkling wine) by establishing their first VDP Sekt

Bigger Health Warnings will Damage Soul of France, say Top Chateaux
July 16: Sixty four of the Top French Chateaux including DRC, Petrus, Chateau d’Yquem, Cheval Blanc and Pol Roger and Krug champagnes have signed a memorandum to the Health Ministry pleading strongly against the proposed measure to be implemented by the end of 2018 to affix 2 cm wide sticker on the front, warning pregnant women against health risk, saying this will damage the soul of France around the world. The Chateaux warned the government that bigger health warnings as proposed by the Health Ministry will damage the Soul of France and

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