No. 703: : June 30, 2016

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Blog: Blue Wine for Men in Blue
June 24: Despite the initial hype and hoopla created intelligently in the media by the Spanish producers of blue wine, it is not aimed at wine connoisseurs and is likely to remain a fad and fizzle out faster than a sprint, marginal niche market notwithstanding because of a large population of novices on the sub-ground level, it’s reminiscent of Pepsi Blue which was introduced in India with much fanfare to take advantage of our cricketing men in blue and the

FSSAI comes down from High Horse and Realigns Standards
June 27: After 3 years of causing mental and fiscal pain to thousands in the food and drinks industry because of ambiguous specifications and Hitlerian attitude of the Authority, the government has finally woken up to the slow-destruction they were causing and have decided to finally align the specifications in terms of allowing additives, reports Subhash Arora who is thankful to the current CEO of FSSAI Mr. Pawan Agarwal and the Ministry of

Excise Hike Proposed on ENA for Fortified Wine in Karnataka
June 29: Karnataka Excise Department is planning to increase the excise duty on the Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) from July 1 but some producers of low-ended fortified wine are opposing the increase and claiming it will result in a drop of 75% in sales, writes Subhash Arora who believes that there is a logic in the increase of excise duty which will result in a marginal increase in sales price and a marginal decrease in consumption but will not affect the prices

Greece: Indian Columbus in Domaine Porto Carras
June 30: Porto Carras is a well-known name in Greece for organic vineyards and wine tourism, with a 2-hotel Grand Resort, a plush Golf Course, Yacht Club, Marina, Casino, a super-deluxe Villa Galini and of course well-known winery Domaine Porta Carras, making it a complete holiday destination with seductive vineyards and variety of quality wines from indigenous and international grapes, writes Subhash Arora who was welcomed as the Indian Columbus

Now Wine for Cats and Dogs
June 24: Creative juices seem to be flowing in the wine industry what with a Blue Wine introduced in Spain recently, a pet food shop owner in Denver Colorado has introduced a non-alcoholic wine for cats and will launch soon for dogs and with a passing mention in the Jimmy Fallon Show, the mentions got viral and business is booming within days of introduction of the two variants. The blue wine from Spain has the label with a man holding two glasses of wine

Wine & Health: Red Wine Headache Story Continues
June 30: Several scientific studies have shown with adequate certainty that red wine is good for heart health but it continues to be a headache for many people, especially in Asia for inexplicable reasons and while there is general agreement that sulphites are not the causative factor as assumed earlier, it is perhaps the tyramine and tannins that cause the headache that could be reduced by taking a few precautions. Several years ago when I had started

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