No. 813 : : June 17, 2019

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Grover Zampa: Wine Revolution Fermenting at Pioneer Wine Maker- Part 1
June 17: With change of guard at Grover Zampa (GZV)(as Ravi Viswanathan, the big, astute investor in the Indian wine industry and Chairman of GZV, thanks to majority shareholding of his PE company Visvires in Singapore, he has taken charge assisted by his CEO Vivek Chandramohan, with innovation, creativity, modern equipment and sharp focus on quality and making it the first multi-brand wine company in India, is nothing short of a revolution in the

Wine Retail: Sonal Holland MW teams up with Foodhall for Wine Retail
June 14: Sonal Holland MW has ventured into the wine retail space this year with a new initiative Vine2Wine and inking a Contract with Foodhall Mumbai for retailing wines since March 2019, and opening her first wine and beer retail operation, as she has also been appointed Indian Brand Ambassador for Asia’s fine crystal glassware brand Lucaris, writes Subhash Arora. Sonal Holland, India’s first Master of Wine, has expanded from her role as

WBWE Asia: Visiting Golden Age Winery in Penglai China with Sea Ageing
June 05: Penglai is a small city in Shandong Province of China, where several wineries exist but one winery that has taken wine tourism to a different level is also known as Seafloor Storage No. 1 and it was interesting to visit the Golden Age Chateau winery and vineyards, before being taken in a big boat to a nearby island where wines are immersed and aged for 10-12 months changing the character, writes Subhash Arora who tasted the wine at the

Chianti Classico Collection 2019
June 14: The annual event presenting Chianti Classico Collection at the Stazione Leopolda earlier this year was slightly different in that the doors were open to the public which could taste wines from 197 wineries and 721 labels, writes our Italian journalist friend Rocco Lettieri who is a regular taster at the event. As an experiment, we are publishing the Article in original in Italian language since we have a substantial number of Italians in the list of

Buyers line up for Pernod Ricard Wine Business including Jacobs Creek
June 12: Three months after delWine reported the initial news item about Pernod Ricard considering the sales of its wine business that included the ubiquitous top selling wine in India Jacobs Creek and also Campo Viejo, it appears our report based on several Aussie media reports was correct and the potential buyers are lining up with their bids for the initial auction to reinforce their existing wine business. When delWine reported in its 15th March edition

Winsome 25th Anniversary of Prowein in ensue in Düsseldorf
June 17: The 25th Prowein wine and spirits trade fair at Messe Düsseldorf was conducted between 17 -19 March, inaugurated by the German Minister for Agriculture Julia Klockner, with ceremonial ribbon cutting, writes Sheetal Kadam who attended the special anniversary event for the first time and was overawed and astonished at the efficiency and professionalism on sight. Two and a half decade of rigorous hard work by the passionate

Amazon : Millions of products at great prices
KRSMA Estates Pvt. Ltd.
Delhi Wine Club

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