No. 821 : : August 21, 2019

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Restaurant: Honey I shrunk Gulati Spice Market
August 18: Gulati Spice Market behind the Select City Mall Delhi, a highly successful restaurant known for its excellent Indian cuisine and the first one in town to try making it a wine destination for Indian food lovers, shut down 4 months ago and has just re-opened as Spice Market, shrunk in size but with 70% new, innovating dishes and a

V Resort at Soma Vine Village also becomes Soma Vineyard Resort
August 13: The V Resort at Soma Vine Village has been renovated & now re-launched as Soma Vineyard Resort after handing it over to the Delhi based V Resort group earlier in New Delhi in 2014 but now Somanda Vineyard & Resort management deciding to merge it with Soma Vine Village Hospitality division, writes Subhash Arora.

Wines from Grand Duchy of Luxembourg make Grand Entry in India
August 12: Bubblies from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are ready to make a grand, historical entry into the Indian market, joining countries like France, Italy, Spain, Chile and Australia, with Hema Connoisseurs bringing three bubblies from Bernard- Massard, writes Subhash Arora who was invited to a small, exclusive dinner on Friday 9

Wider Cuisines to be Tasted with wines at the 3rd India Wine Awards
August 21: Judging for the India Wine Awards chaired by Sonal Holland MW takes place on September 12 an 13 at the Leela Palace Hotel Mumbai with more judges and restaurateurs joining the jury and the expanded food and wine horizon to include Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and Thai dishes besides the Indian regional dishes that were the

Sound of Indian Music makes Wines of Israeli Winery Dance
August 21: Jonatan Koren winery, an organic winery perched on a hill surrounded by oak and olive trees in the Galilee region of Israel produces innovative wines with Indian classical music playing when they are resting and ostensibly improving wine quality, writes Subhash Arora wondering if this could be helpful in improving Indian wines as well

No Kid Hungry through a $5000 a plate dinner by PFV
August 21: Primum Familiae Vini (PFV), a family of 12 well established quality wine producing families will host a gala dinner and auction at New York City’s Michelin-starred Le Bernardin on October 16 to collect funds to support the No Kid Hungry campaign rune by a Washington Based national NGO Share Our Strength working to end

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