No. 765 : : February 08, 2018

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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SulaFest2018: Soulful Festival for Wine Tourism
Feb 07: The 11th edition of the annual 2-day SulaFest at Sula vineyards and winery concluded on Sunday the 4th February, successfully delivering what it promised- plenty of music, wine, food, shopping and bonhomie with friends for over 12,000 people estimated to have attended the fest that saw a drop in numbers, primarily since the last year was a 3-day special event, writes Subhash Arora who attended for the 5th time, 3rd year in a row and observed

Madrid Fusiόn 2018: Dining at Michelin Star Chefs- run Coque and Canalla Bistro
Feb 08: Madrid is considered by many as the vanguard of gastronomy in the world by many, with hundreds of fine dining restaurants and tapas bars, some of which we tried during the recent visit, writes Subhash Arora who shares his experience at the 2-Michelin Star Restaurant Coque and the 1- Michelin Star Canalla Bistro, one of the casual fine dining restaurants within Platea Madrid, the theater-turned-multi restaurant business where one can buy

Sulafest2018: Sula to build New Winery in Vinchur Park Nashik
Feb 07: Buoyed by the expanding sales, especially in the premium segment, Sula Vineyards has bought land in Vinchur Park, near Nashik and plans to set up a new winery which will not only augment its production capacity but will be a boon for the languishing area that was carved out with much fanfare over a decade ago but has not made much headway, writes Subhash Arora who had an exclusive interview on Saturday with Rajeev Samant,

Wine Tourism: Soma Vineyards collaborates with Royal Orchid Hotels
Feb 07: Within a short span of less than 4 years when Pradeep Pachpatil, told me at the Somanda winery being constructed adjoining the then Beyond-by-Sula Resort, that his objective was to make 1000 cases annually and promote wine tourism at the boutique winery, he executed an order of 1000 cases to the US in December, 2017 and has tied up with Royal Orchid Hotels group for hospitality, changing the name to Regenta Resort-Soma Vine

God’s Country: Kerala faces higher Taxes on Liquor and Wine
Feb 08: The government of Kerala, known fondly as the God’s country is going to increase the tax on alcohol as it gears up to levy 210 % tax on Indian-made foreign liquor meanwhile taxes on beer have been increased from 70 to 100% and according to Indian Express, the state currently receives an annual revenue of Rs 12,000 crore from liquor sales, and depends heavily on taxation. In the Budget speech of 2018-2019 as announced by the Finance

Wine and Health: D2H Red Wine Benefit for Heart
Feb 08: The Louisiana State University (LSU) -Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences has developed a new treatment for heart disease using antioxidants from red wine by using Research that has indicated that having a glass of red wine could be good for your heart, but with Professor Tammy Dugas’ program, even the non-drinkers may get those benefits. The antioxidants found in red wine could be used to treat people with heart disease that include

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