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No. 909 : : May 14, 2022
Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra
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Aspri Spirits Pvt. Ltd.
Vinexpo India Mumbai 18-20 August 2022
NEFS Shillong tastes success at Wine Pavilion by Vinexpo
May 14: The second edition of the North East Food Show 2022 organised on the Polo Grounds of Shillong on 5-7 May was quite a success with the display of good infrastructure and tastefully arranged Stands displaying local products but the wine pavilion which was erected for the first time with the support of Vinexpo established its

European Union maybe over optimistic about FTA with India
April 30: Looking at the past track record, it did sound over-optimistic when the EU Ambassador to India, Ugo Astuto said on Friday that EU hoped for the Foreign Trade Agreement between India and the European Union to be inked before the commencement of the electoral cycles on both sides in 2024 and also resulting in lowering of

CMB 2022: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles enhances Judging Protocol in Italy
May 14: Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, perhaps the only traveling international wine competition in the world, is all set to host its 29th edition in Rende- Cosenza in Calabria, Italy on 19-22 May where, for the first time, every judge will share Tasting notes of each wine to be later analysed by Winespace using Artificial Intelligence, writes Cav.

Angelo Gaja: Driving Italian Wines was not easy
May 13: Today, Gaja is a Brand, a household name in Italy and the rest of the world where connoisseurs lap up his Gaja wines from Piemonte, Tuscany (Bolgheri and Montalcino) and even from Etna in Sicily) but his initial years were not a cake walk, as he shares with connoisseur like Subhash Arora who marvels at his efforts in not only

Casella to sell 35 NSW and SA wineries with a Long Term Focus
May 14: Stung by the Chinese debacle, Australia’s biggest family-owned wine grape grower and wine maker Casella Family Brands is reportedly selling two-thirds of its vineyard portfolio, with 7200 hectares from 35 vineyards in Australia up for sale, which includes 5650 hectares of vineyards and 1608 of supporting land, plant and

From Archives (2011): Shimla to Shillong Seeking Fruit Wines
May 08: Shimla may be the current center of fruit wines in India but Shillong could give the leading state of Himachal Pradesh a run for the money, if the Conference held on January 19 by NERAMAC in collaboration with the Indian Grape Processing Board at this Meghalaya’s capital fructifies into positive action, writes Subhash Arora who

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