No. 711: : September 10, 2016

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Sonal Holland becomes India’s first MW
Sep 05: Indian women are already known to have reached the pinnacle in politics, banking, finance and several sectors of economy and have also proven their mettle as entrepreneurs but now Mumbai based Indian woman Sonal Holland has joined the ranks of the women celebrities by becoming the first woman in India to join the elite club of 354 members who have earned the title of MW, according to a Press Release by the Institute of Masters of Wine. Sonal is one of the 13 students from Australia, China, France, India, Ireland, Taiwan, the UK and the USA,

Monsoon Offer supplemented at Delhi Duty Free Wines
Sep 01: Coming on the heels of the recent offer of 50% discounts on 4-5 wines, several more have been added to this ‘Monsoon Offer’ making around 13 wines available, giving a festive look to the duty free shop and the genuine deals beckoning you to buy a case of misc. wines although the custom rules allow only 2.67 bottles of regular 750 mL size of wines, writes Subhash Arora who feels Duty Free shop is finally in a business mode and one must take advantage through every arriving friend or relative before they reduce inventory to acceptable levels and withdraw the offer

We Recommend: Vitae Chardonnay from Fratelli
Sep 06: Vitae from Fratelli is a super premium label with 3 variants- Sangiovese, Tre and Chardonnay each selling for around Rs. 1500- seemingly expensive, but to a discerning Connoisseur, it offers a world- class wine that would please even the Burgundy wine lovers, claims Subhash Arora who had visited the winery recently and spent considerable time with the Italian winemaker Piero Masi during the 3-day visit and found him concurring with him as the best white wine from the Fratelli stable. Ask anyone about the most premium wine from Fratelli and the

Arora participates at Mundusvini for Record 10th Consecutive Time
Sep 02: The summer leg of the 19th edition of the 4-day Mundusvini international wine competition being held at the traditional Neustadt an der Weinstrasse from Sept 1-4, kicked off with 4300 entries excluding around 5000 earlier this year with Subhash Arora also marking his 50th international wine competition as a judge and setting a historic benchmark by being the first Indian to judge in an international wine competition consecutively for 10 years and counting, writes Natasha Vohra, Assistant Editor of delWine. In a message from Neustadt near Frankfurt, where

Glen McGrath brings William Hardy to Delhi Wine Club
Sep 09: The legendry cricketer Glen McGrath, now the brand ambassador for Hardys Wine Company owned by Accolades, was in India last month to launch the premium William Hardy label at the 260th wine event organised by the Delhi Wine Club at Ottimo at West View at Hotel ITC Maurya where around 50 persons congregated despite rains and what are now known as the legendry traffic jams, writes Rifaquat Mirza, a consultant in the hospitality industry and a frequent visitor to the Delhi Wine Club events. 29th August 2016 and I am headed to the ITC Maurya for

WOSA: Wines of South Africa and CEO Siobhan Thompson
Sep 10: Now that the Indian Grape Processing Board is defunct, there is rumour of the government constituting a new wine board , ostensibly to help increase the exports of wine from India in s structured manner, in which case it might be interesting to look at the successful model used by Wines of South Africa currently headed by Ms Siobhan Thompson with whom Subhash Arora had an exclusive chat during his recent visit to South Africa to judge at the Michelangelo international Wine Competition. Imagine an organisation of 19 people working full time to help

Delhi Wine Club

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