No. 800 : : January 22, 2019

Assistant Editor : Natasha Vohra

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Cav. Subhash Arora: Making of 800th issue of delWine
Jan 22: I am happy to share the 800th issue of delWine, that in all modesty is a great achievement and an example of perseverance and the Karma philosophy, a majority if Indians believe in, writes Cav. Subhash Arora who has been creating his own journey in the wild and wonderful world of wine through Rotary Club of Delhi Chanakyapuri (1986), Delhi Wine Club (2002), Indian Wine Academy (2003) and delWine (2006) and when the first issue was sent

Sourish Bhattacharyya: The Man Who Made India Discover the Joy of Wine
Jan 22: There are few people in the wine industry who have known Subhash Arora as well or as long as Sourish Bhattacharyya, the well know food critic, author and writer, who volunteered to share a bit of Arora’s history, geography and sociology for the 800th edition in which he reminisces some of the experiences perhaps forgotten or never highlighted. OF ALL THE friendships I have struck in my life, the one with Subhashji (as I insist on calling

Rajeev Samant: Indian Wine Market cruising along with Sula in the Lead
Jan 22: Despite governmental problems and wine being relatively a new alco beverage, Sula Vineyards has entered its 20th year with stability and consistent growth in quality and quantity, with Rajeev Samant leading the revolution from the front, leaving its nearest competitors far behind after gaining the leadership position a decade ago. Samant shares a few of the ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow moments’ in a long, exclusive telephonic chat with Subhash

Ravi Viswanathan: Musings about the future of Indian Wine Industry
Jan 20: Although passing through a current phase of restricted expansion due to various factors, not the least of them being due to governmental policies, Indian wine industry is poised for a major expansion in the next 25 years, says PIO French National Ravi Viswanathan living in Singapore and running the Private Equity Fund VisVires that has a share in many pies in the Indian wine industry and has grandiose future plans. As in many economic sectors,

John Salvi MW: First Look at the 2018 Vintage in Bordeaux
Jan 21: It is a bit early for someone to report about the 2018 vintage since the daddy of all top Bordeaux producers, Union des Grands Crus does not allow its members to show their wines before En Primeur which is in April but our Bordeaux Correspondent Count John Salvi MW lives in Bordeaux and knows how to sniff around and has written the Article as a congratulatory message for the 800th issue of delWine and will give a detailed report at the

Gaia Gaja: Dynamics of a Family Business in an Iconic Italian Winemaker
Jan 18: Perhaps no Italian wine family is as much in the news as Gajas, with the patriarch Angelo Gaja taking back seat with his wife Lucia and let the siblings Gaia, Rossana and Giovanni look after the high quality global wine business from the family’s three iconic wineries. Gaia Gaja shares the dynamics of the family business at her wineries which appears to be working very well with her family, preparing them well for succession.

Michele Shah : Italy: Kal, Aaj aur Kal-Past, Present & Future
Jan 20: Italy is a land where unity, strategy and brands are still taboo but has a panorama of the world’s most diverse terroirs, exciting wines, ‘anarchic’ producers and a lot of history, writes Michèle Shah from Tuscany, who believes that indigenous grape varieties and unique terroirs are what makes Italian wines so special. While the quality has improved tremendously during the last couple of decades thanks to continuous research and experimentation

Robert Joseph: The Future of Wine has Changed
Jan 20: A frequent visitor to India and other wine making regions of the world for decades , Robert Joseph, the well-known British critic, speaker, author and a wine judge is really a citizen of the wine world, with a constant eye on the present and the future which he feels has changed tremendously in the last few years without many people still realizing it and thus living dangerously from the marketing point of view. The past, as the UK author LP Hartley

Federico Castellucci: Former Director General shares Importance of OIV for India
Jan 19: India became a member of International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) as the 45th member of the UN-type organization for grapes and wines and Cav. Subhash Arora was awarded a special medal for his efforts in 2011 but the interest has since been waning, writes Federico Castellucci who was the Honorary Director General at that time and was instrumental in getting the admission on a unanimous vote. There have been many nice and

Pedro Ballesteros MW: Renaissance of Garnacha de Aragón as Grenache in the World
Jan 20: There are few grape varieties that have done well at low altitudes and as high as 1700 meters, but Garnacha (Grenache) is a grape variety that emanated from Aragon and has travelled to other parts of Spain and then to France, Australia, USA and has even attempted a presence in India through Sula and Reveilo, but the renaissance of Grenache as a major international noble variety is on the cards, according to Spanish Master of Wine Pedro

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